Spring 2021 semester information

What You Need To Know for Spring 2021

  • With student safety in mind, ONLINE LEARNING WILL CONTINUE FOR SPRING 2021, with a few necessary exceptions for students who must have hands-on experiences. The College will offer a variety of course options that are both affordable and convenient.

Course Options

Fully Online Courses

These courses can be completed on the student’s schedule, within semester timelines. These online courses that are indirect and self-paced to meet the unique schedules of many of our students

Synchronous Learning Courses

Synchronous Learning Courses are real-time, online courses allowing for engagement with faculty and classmates at specific class times each week, creating a virtual classroom feel.

Hybrid Courses

The College will offer campus-based labs for those courses wherein students must have a hands-on experience to complete a course, meet an accreditation standard, or to graduate. Students approved to be on campus for the hands-on components of their classes will receive detailed information one week before classes begin.