COVID-19 Response Step-Down Plan

COVID-19 Mitigation Response Step-Down Plan

Due to lower COVID numbers, Jackson College will begin a two-phase process of rolling back our safety protocols.

As a matter of College Policy, all students, employees and visitors are required to remain off campus if they are exhibiting any level of illness, whether or not they believe it to be COVID-19. Phases may be rescinded at any time should medical and safety needs warrant.

Phase II – Begins April 25, 2022


Masks are encouraged in larger spaces (fieldhouse, community rooms, dining area, etc).

Masks may be required in certain areas such as the Health Clinic and specific work spaces. Signs will be posted.


Checkpoint use is discontinued.

Emmons Road entrance to be opened.


Continue to test 3-5 days after travel or large gatherings.


Vaccination is recommended for student residents, students and employees.

Employees with vaccination designation on their ID may request new ID without designation.


COVID-19 positive students and employees must remain off-campus for 5 days.

Employees may utilize a combination of their standard hybrid working hours and PTO/vacation time to fulfill their quarantine time or that of their dependents.

If there is a positive case in a classroom, the student is confined for 5 days post wellness. Class continues as normal.

IF UNVACCINATED: Can return to dining in the lower commons.


Physical distancing no longer required

Guests may visit residential students inside the halls.

Full capacity is restored in dining commons and theaters.

Full capacity in classrooms is restored.